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Headshot of a young guy striving to be an actor

Studio headshot portrait of a young man, actor and model

in studio portrait of Cory, actor and model

black and white self-portrait

Self-portrait photograph in b&w against 100% pure white background. Focus on the eyes

Sometimes you have to do a self-portrait – they say it’s a very good exercise for any photographer to get to the other side.

This time I had another reason – simply didn’t have any model on hands and wanted to try this black and white high-contrast approach.

I think I did pretty good actually šŸ˜‰

But wife disagreed and said that I’m absolutely not like this portrait because I’m soft and smiley :)

Portrait of Mr. Peter Weiss for St. John’s College

Portrait of an old man in blue shirt, wearing glasses

Portrait photograph of Mr. Peter Weiss for St. Johns College of Maryland

That was an assignment fromĀ St. John’s College to photograph Peter Weiss for their multimedia project on human rights. HeĀ is Vice-President, former President, of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms and its US affiliate, the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy; Vice-President, Federation Internationale des ligues des Droits de l’Homme; and a Vice-President of theĀ Center for Constitutional Rights. Here is more information about him.

As we spoke with Peter he mentioned that the time he spent in Africa is still most memorable and so I decided to incorporate in the portrait hisĀ favouriteĀ art piece he brought home from there.

Portrait of a graphic designer (with a touch of fun)

It was a really easy going photo session at Stephen’s house. He is a very bright and creative person and despite he needed just a plain headshot I went to doing it with a little funny twist in post-production in terms of background. Which I believe looks just great for something like facebook profile and other social media usage. Of course I gave him a version with simple white background for more serious purposes too :)

portrait photograph of a young man in a light blue shirt on a blue pattern background

Headshot of Stephen Turbek, graphic designer

Corporate headshot portrait

It’s always easy to do portraits of a person with outstanding personality. That was the case :)

I was hired for a corporateĀ headshot portraiture session, because Scott needed new headshots for his upcoming publication. We did it on-location at their office’s library, which was just the right spot for the look he was after.

Corporate Headshot on-location of a lawyer

portrait of an attorney in library

Scott G. Kaufman is the principal of Crowley & Kaufman, P.C. His practice focuses primarily on Queens County Surrogateā€™s Court matters. These matters include estate litigation, estate administration and will contests. Scott G. Kaufman also handles all matters relating to Guardianships pursuant to Article 81 of the Mental Hygiene Law. Scott has become a well known and well respected practitioner in both Surrogateā€™s Court Practice and Guardianship.

Don’t shoot

This was just a test-shot, another part of my ongoing project about uniforms. Fun, fast and easy-going photo session on-location in a basement :) We will obviously work on this theme though, I would like to have more action in the image of course.

Portrait of a man in uniform with flash light

Not a cop but in this uniform looks cool

Just quick ‘strobist’ info behind the image:

one 580ex2 blue-gelled behind him in the boiler room, 1/16;

another one 580ex2 gridded on his face, camera right, 1/16.

F8, 1/160 sec.

Photographing a family for Christmas card

I’m always proud when clients come to me again year after year, because it proves I’m doing good :) I’m delivering the images and I’m making them happy!

This was another such family: I photographed them last autumn when Robi Ā couldn’t even stand yet on his own. And now we had another photo session in Central Park for their Christmas cards. TheĀ astonishingĀ fall foliage of late October in NYC makes it perfect Ā background for such images.

Family portrait at a park with a fall faoliage

It's all about love and happiness

Robi is now quite running and know what he wants and what he doesn’t like too :)

We had actually to do 2 days of photography to get enough images.

Photo session in a park for family album

Family portrait: It's good to be together

Outdoor portrait of a family with 2 years old boy

Beautiful day in a park makes it perfect for family portraiture

Portrait of family of 3 together

Happy family moments that we want to remember

Family portraiture in Saudek’s colors

It was a family portrait session in out localĀ beautiful Juniper Valley ParkĀ in the beginning of November. I was caught by autumn colors and remembered my old favorite photo book by great Czech photographer Jan Saudek. He used there a technique by handĀ painting his B&W photographs in such a vibrant and rich, saturatedĀ colors. The book was titled “LOVE’.

So this particular picture reminds me of that book every time I look at it.

Family portraiture in a park in the evening

Family portrait photo session in a park

Photo session of an extended family in Central Park

It’s always a challenge to photograph groups of people, especially when a few kids involved :) But in this case I was lucky to have this great family, so easy to photograph!Big family posing in Central Park over Woolman Rink

Portrait of extended family on a terrace overlooking Woolman Ice Skating Rink in Central Park

WeĀ definitely had great time together walking and playing along most scenic spots of Central Park on that gorgeous autumn day.

Family with kids sitting on a bench in a park on a sunny autumn day

Love and happiness

Once on a foggy day

It wasĀ unusualĀ morning on Fire Island where we go quite often. Fog was covering everything. Beach, swimmers, fishermen, gulls…

Quite fairy vision.

Photograph of Fire Island's beach

Beach on Fire Island located off south shore of Long Island

And actually it was really sunny, could you believe? Just a couple of miles away from the shore it was perfect hot summer day.

Girl doing acrobatics on the beach

Having fun on the beach

What we love most about Fire Island is incredible mix of ocean air with smell of vegetation, it’s just so exciting.

Morning fog on Fire Island in June

Illusory morning fog

Photograph of people enjoying ocean waves

Atlantic ocean waves in the fog

Man standing in front of ocean waves

To boss around :)

Fog covering shore of Fire Island

Children playing in waves of Atlantic Ocean on Fire Island

Sunbathers on the beach of Fire Island

Young sunbathers on the beach of Fire Island

Fishermen's rods in the morning fog on the oceans coast

Really foggy morning

Engagement in NYC

It was first time being in NYC for Carlo, but 4th for Eleonora. I was hired to photograph this beautiful couple around Manhattan’s landmarks.

Lovely young couple on a bench in a park

Lovely couple on a lovely day

The day we scheduled Ā the photoshoot weather was quite tricky and nasty so we had to push it for another day. I saw that Carlo was kind of upset and confused because of that and I didn’t see the reason for that. I thought it’s not a big deal, we always depend on weather.

While we were walking to Central Park Ā next day Carlo explained to me that actually he made a proposal yesterday! Damn, I missed this moment, now I got it! But they were so obviously in love, kissing all the time so I think I didn’t miss too much after all šŸ˜‰

Italian tourists on Times Square

First time in New York City, and being in love

Walking by Times Square in Manhattan on a sunny autumn day


5-minute headshot

At the end of another very long day I still had some juice and lights set ready :) And there were a couple of cool guys helping us with running the photoshoot whom I wanted to photograph. Luckily for me they were interested.

So I just used one rather big softbox for a swift 3-minutes sessions for both Anvil and Carl. I kinda like the result šŸ˜‰

Portrait photography in studio sessionPortrait headshot photography in studio sessionPortrait photography in studio session, blue tone, black young man, cap, fashionPortrait photography on-location session

Portrait photography session for local Boyscout’s Den Leaders

My son loves to be a boyscout (cubscout actually, but… being Webelos II and looking to get to boyscouts next year he could be considered a boyscout already, right šŸ˜‰ ) So I usually spend Fri nights with scouts of Pack 106. And watching the efforts our Den leaders put to work with kids I realize that they actually are just parents like me. And they are tired after working a whole week, and would probably prefer to stay home and watch TV or relax in nay other way….

So I thought that taking their headshots to put them on our Pack web-site could be some way of showing appreciation. So I did it last week. Unfortunately not all leaders were there so hopefully we will continue in the new year.

And it was great fun though šŸ˜‰

portrait of Eric - Boyscouts of America Pack 106 Leader

portrait of Eric - Boyscouts of America Pack 106 Leader

portrait photograph of Mark - Den Leader

portrait photograph of Mark - Den Leader

portrait of a Den Leader

portrait of a Den Leader

portrait photograph of Laura - Webelos II Den Leader

portrait photograph of Laura - Webelos II Den Leader

headshot of Yolanda - Webelos II Deb Leader

headshot of Yolanda - Webelos II Deb Leader

headshot of a Den Leader

headshot of a Den Leader

portrait photograph of a Den Leader

portrait photograph of a Den Leader

Portrait photography of the actor Eric Jaeger

“Eric Jaeger is a recent transplant to NYC from Akron, OH via Pittsburgh.

Favorite credits include Contact, Romeo y Julieta, Michael Rupert’s Streets of America and the film In Northwood. Most recently, Eric was seen in Dixon Place/The Living Theater’s Salome! A Veiled Threat, puppeteering the infamous Muffy the Talking Vagina.”

portrait on-stage

portrait on-stage

scared portrait

scared portrait

staging portrait photograph

staging portrait photograph

portrait of gigolo

portrait of an actor

Headshots with actor Joe Beuerlein

What can be better than to meet lovely autumn morning in Central Park? We started a headshot/portrait session at 7.30am with the actor Joseph Beuerlein when the sun was still behind skyscrapers. And we were watching as it goes upper and coloring the trees and waking up the park.

Morning headshot photo session

Morning headshot photo session

Portrait of a young man, actor

Portrait of a young man, actor

On-location photography session in the park

On-location photography session in the park

Morning sun on 5th Ave

Morning sun on 5th Ave

Theatrical portrait session of drag queen Lavinia Co-op

Lavinia Co-op aka Vincent Meehan was Martha Graham and Ballet trained at L.S.C.D. in the U.K.

He has performed in New York since the 1980’s as a founding member of the legendary Bloolips, an all male, gay, English music hall drag theatre troupe. Bloolips shows include Lust in Space, Sticky Buns, Living Leg-ends and later Bland Motel, Get Hur and Island of Lost Shoes.

Portrait photograph of Lavinia Co-op as The Diary of Anne Frankenstein

Portrait photograph of Lavinia Co-op as Diary of Anne Frankenstein

Diary talknig

Diary talknig

Portrait session of actor Geoffrey Borman

“Geoffrey Borman is a recent graduate of the Boston University School of Theatre. He also received training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Geoffrey has appeared in such shows as, Romeo and Juliet, The Country Wife, The Weavers, Playing for Time, Tartuffe, and A Series of Small Doors. He is excited to be a part of such a kooky project as The Diary of Anne Frankenstein.”

Geoffrey Borman as Fritz

Geoffrey Borman as Fritz

Portrait photography of a young actor

Portrait photography of a young actor

Portrait of Fritz-Gollum character

Portrait of Fritz-Gollum character

Jump up high

Here is another photo session for a model photography portfolio. I was mostly about to get some portrait with fashion-style lighting though :)

Besides Anthony was just great – I can recommend him as a model absolutely. He is ready to work, very professional and knows what to do…

Traditional portrait

Traditional portrait

Fashion-style portrait

Fashion-style portrait

Male model portrait on-location photographmodel portfolio photography

Jump up high

Jump up high

Male model portrait photography

Strobist info:

done with just 2 bare Speedlites 580EX. Back light and spot light with homemade barns sometime.

Old story

It was a great photoshoot around the idea given by a client – reference to somewhat old pictures of Robert Downey Jr.

Amir was just an excellent model! He is not an actor but he was absolutely photogenic and didn’t need any direction for posing at all…

Smoking cool

Young man smoking cigarette

I'm quit

Young man smoking

Movie set

Young man with a cigarette

What do you mean?

Young man smoking cigarette, v-sign, f-sign


Young man smoking cigarette while walking

Just regular headshot

Headshot of a young man smiling, half-body

Retro movie

Great model and great place for headshot photography session – rooftop with a view to Manhattan, couldn’t be better!