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Repose Chamber Music

Another great photo session on-location, this time for Lianna Levine Reisner, beautiful soprano. She was about to launch her new venture – Repose and needed a few portrait and headshot photographs. So we went to 2 locations on Upper West Side and got quite a variety of portraits as you may see, both indoor and outdoor.

Contemporary photo portrait of a classic soprano singer

Repose Chamber Music

I always enjoy working with creative people, and this time was no exclusion!

Portrait of a young woman by piano

Classic soprano singer

Outdoor portrait photo session of a New York soprano singer

And since I liked Lianna’s idea very much I want to quote her opening statement for the project:

“This summer I have been building an exciting new project. I am happy to announce the launch of Repose, which presents chamber music exclusively for private events at smaller venues. I am reinvigorating the age-old salon concert for a modern audience, bringing people together to experience music in the comfort of their living rooms, among friends and loved ones. And Repose is just the right type of entertainment for occasions like senior birthdays, retirement parties, and fundraisers.

As a mother and as a Sabbath-observant singer, I’ve been dreaming of a flexible, low-pressure approach to my singing that could operate on my schedule. Repose allows me to do what I love most, exploring and presenting repertoire that inspires, uplifts, and educates.
I’m launching Repose with some standard concerts “for sale,” with the hopes to later expand my programming to include more niche interests, like a concert of music by woman composers, Jewish art song, and other themed offerings. There are so many ways to get creative here.
If you or someone you know would be interested in booking a concert with Repose, please be in touch and help me spread the word!
You can read more at the Repose website, and be sure to like Repose on Facebook :-)
Many thanks and best wishes,
Lianna “

Pianist Mariko Miyazaki portrait

Outdoor portrait of a pianist in a park

Portrait of Mariko MiyazakiMariko in a piano store, Manhattan, NYC

Young piano player sitting at a piano, photographed on a black background

Mariko in a piano store, Manhattan, NYC

Portrait of young piano musician

Portrait on a bridge in Central Park, New York City

Portrait in interior of a designer / decorator

Portrait of a young woman in a living room sitting on a coach

Portrait of Helaina Bernstein

Portraiture session of NYC based interior designer and decorator Helaina Bernstein on-location in Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Family portraiture in Saudek’s colors

It was a family portrait session in out local beautiful Juniper Valley Park in the beginning of November. I was caught by autumn colors and remembered my old favorite photo book by great Czech photographer Jan Saudek. He used there a technique by hand painting his B&W photographs in such a vibrant and rich, saturated colors. The book was titled “LOVE’.

So this particular picture reminds me of that book every time I look at it.

Family portraiture in a park in the evening

Family portrait photo session in a park

Portrait of an interior designer

This week was like week of interior designers’ portraits :) – I did 2 of them. This was the first job on that week, beautiful and talented Alicia, really great interior designer, with multi-years experience.

We were about to shoot both indoor and in Central Park at first, bit on the day of photoshoot the weather was quite windy so we dropped the idea of shooting outdoor (November in NYC is always  tricky).

I think we got the great imagery despite the space was a little bit too tight so we couldn’t get full-body portrait, but it wasn’t my plan anyway. I quite like the incoming light and those birds in behind the windows :)

The whole light-colored interior was quite good setup for Alicia’s blonde hair also.

Interior designer' portrait

Portrait of Manhattan-based interior designer

Alicia also is an avid traveler (looks to me she has lived all around the Europe), and she has done an international design jobs as well.

Portrait of a designer for business profile, promotional materials and magazines

Portrait with travel memorabilia

Photo session of an extended family in Central Park

It’s always a challenge to photograph groups of people, especially when a few kids involved :) But in this case I was lucky to have this great family, so easy to photograph!Big family posing in Central Park over Woolman Rink

Portrait of extended family on a terrace overlooking Woolman Ice Skating Rink in Central Park

We definitely had great time together walking and playing along most scenic spots of Central Park on that gorgeous autumn day.

Family with kids sitting on a bench in a park on a sunny autumn day

Love and happiness

Engagement in NYC

It was first time being in NYC for Carlo, but 4th for Eleonora. I was hired to photograph this beautiful couple around Manhattan’s landmarks.

Lovely young couple on a bench in a park

Lovely couple on a lovely day

The day we scheduled  the photoshoot weather was quite tricky and nasty so we had to push it for another day. I saw that Carlo was kind of upset and confused because of that and I didn’t see the reason for that. I thought it’s not a big deal, we always depend on weather.

While we were walking to Central Park  next day Carlo explained to me that actually he made a proposal yesterday! Damn, I missed this moment, now I got it! But they were so obviously in love, kissing all the time so I think I didn’t miss too much after all 😉

Italian tourists on Times Square

First time in New York City, and being in love

Walking by Times Square in Manhattan on a sunny autumn day


Children ballet headshots

That was extremely funny and easygoing photosession once.  It happened during rehearsals at Russian Brighton Ballet School in Brooklyn. I simply fixed paper seamless backdrop to a wall and set a couple of strobes, one in a softbox and another one shooting through white umbrella.

Girls were doing the rest of my job, except pressing the button maybe :) But at some moment I found them photographing each other with point and shoot cameras on my backdrop, they were definitely having fun.

Portrait of a girl in a costume on white background in studio

Isn't she bright? Posing in a studio-like setup.

Girl ballet dancer posing at Russian Brighton Ballet School

Excellent model! She knew perfectly how and what to do in front of camera.

Orange city mood

Just a couple of glimpses :)

Double-decker for Mersedeses  at 3rd World Trade Center building.

Luxury top range passenger cars ready to be transported on a truck

Luxury Mersedes passengers cars as passengers on double-decker

Did she realize this match of colors? I guess not :)

Girl with orange bag talking on a cell-phone next to a display with haystacks and pumpkins

I think she had very bright mood

Princess’s family photo session in Central Park

Another family photography session in Central Park on lovely summer day with a beautiful princess Aidan and her parents Melissa and Rob.

Need to admit she was extremely shy and we had difficulties to get her in front of camera :) But we played and did let her play her game 😉

As the result I believe we got plenty of catching  images of this great family.

Portrait of redhead girl running trough flowers

Joy of running fast

Photograph of father holding his daughter in hands

Little girl laughing

Portraiture with great scenery in the background

Mother hugging her daughter

It's all about love

Portrait of lovely modern family

Great family moment

Redhead beautiful little girl running down the hill on the meadow

Faster than wind

Portrait photograph of a funny redhead girl sitting on rocks

What a beauty!

Fashion lookbook – great team of professionals

It was a very long and fast-moving fashion lookbook photoshoot. The team was working together for the first time and I hope we will have a chance to work again, I like the result very much!

Thanks to all:

Make-up and Hair – Wenya Chang – amazing work, all images you’ll see here are NOT touched for any skin or hair issues (and mostly straight out of the camera, just basic level/contrast/sharpening adjustments). During the whole shoot Wenya was all the time doing the right stuff in the right moment. No need to ask her – she fixes a problem before you see it.

Model – Micaela Piccolo – extremely professional and hard-working, I admire her because she almost couldn’t stand at the end of the very hard day but was able to smile! And what a smile she has!!! :)

And to me she has that look of Monica Bellucci – check the pictures below for yourself 😉

Fashion look bookFashion lookbook photography in studio session hot girl beautyFashion lookbook hot sexy girl photo session in studioFashion hot beautiful girl photography in studio session, brick wallFashion Beauty Portrait photography on-location sessionBeautiful girl portrait photo

Fashion long dress photography in studio photo session

Fashion portrait of a young girl wearing long black dress and leaning against a red brick wall

Portrait session of actress Jessica Caplan

Are we pretty?

Actress Jessica Caplan as Sylvia Beasley.

“This is Jessica Caplan‘s New York stage debut, having recently made the leap to New York after a six-year stint in Hong Kong.

She started performing in her native Montreal at the age of five. More recently, in Hong Kong, she co-founded theater company bigbox theatre, co-creating and performing in their original productions, including a poetry-based show that toured local and international schools. Hong Kong theater credits include Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls, Janet in Rocky Horror Show, Josie in Godspell, The Queen in The King of Time, Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof and Laura in The Glass Menagerie. She also played the Fairy Queen and Mrs. Darling in ABA’s Pan-Asian tour of its original musical Peter Pan. In Hong Kong, Jessica was the voice of cartoons originating from Hong Kong, China, Japan and France.

Jessica is a graduate of McGill University’s Drama & Theatre Program, holds a degree in law from the University of Toronto and is a yoga teacher. She’s thrilled to be part of this exciting new production.”

Portrait of an actress wearing red suit and hat, retro style

Portrait of an actress wearing red suit and hat, retro style

Portrait of actress Jessica Caplan

Portrait of actress Jessica Caplan


Regular portrait photo session with a real princess – what could be better? Laura was just great at posing and super patient! Thank you Laura :)

Portrait of the Princess Cinderella

Portrait of the Princess Cinderella

Portrait of a girl in Central PArk

Portrait of a girl in Central PArk

Portrait of a smiling girl

Portrait of a smiling girl

Photograph of a girl running

Photograph of a girl running

Photograph of a girl wearing princess dress

Photograph of a girl wearing princess dress

‘Behind the Curtain’ series in the upcoming book of

Young ballerina awaiting to enter the stage

Young ballerina awaiting to enter the stage

Here is a great news for me: a couple of my photographs from my series ‘Behind the Curtain’ were selected for the first upcoming book of

I’ll update on the status of the project of course.

Here are the info and photographs from the series:

These images are part of the ‘Behind the Curtain’ series about Brighton Ballet Theater School of Russian Ballet.
Ballet is a fairy tale told in dances and music. Every concert shines and fills spectators with excitement and parents with pride. Kids dream and wait for each performance impatiently. And moreover they work extremely, unbelievably hard to get onto stage.
Mainly this series is about the spirit, self-discipline and  power of dreams that help kids to go to the goal through all mistakes, physical pain and bitter of failures.

Easiness of Flight



Happy Snowflake

Small Ballerinas

Teacher and students

Dance passion



It's really tough...

Ballet classes

Mother and daughter

Makeup before a performance

Cellphone call

Ballerina's way to talk over the phone


They are still just kids

They are still just kids

Young ballerina stretching, waiting to go on stage

Young ballerina stretching, waiting to go on stage

Exercizing before main rehearsal

Exercising before main rehearsal

Walking Gantry Park in the morning

Another family portraiture on-location photography session with great family of Noah, Sean, Ariane, Barry and David.

Gantry Park in Long Island City with the great view to Manhattan. They expanded park greatly and put a lot of cool things there. I just love this place even more!

Retro morning

Photograph of young mom and her son


Boy running on a boardwalk in Gantry PArk of Long Island City, NYC

family portraiture session in the Gantry Park, Long Island City, New York

family portraiture photography session in the Gantry Park, Long Island City, New York

Ariane and baby girl

Photograph of young soon-to-be-mom woman, Gantry Park, Long Island City, NYC