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My first try of cinemagraph

cinemagraph cinegif small boy

portrait of a cute 6 months old boy posing on white background

Wanted to try a cinemagraph for the very first time and Anton seemed to be the perfect subject for that :)

We placed him on the backdrop and he started his usual crawling, push-ups and swinging standing on all fours :) But then he suddenly relaxed and took this painterly modelling pose. We were quite stunned as he was quietly smiling at us and gently playing with his hand.

I can fly!

6 months old boy portrait smiling happily

Smiling happily

In-studio portraiture of a boy laughing. Laying on white surface with his arms and legs stretched out

I can fly :) !!!

Portrait in studio

portrait of a teenager boy in studio on white background

Studio portrait of a boy

Our Pride – New Arrival

Portrait of a newborn childBeing a commercial photographer specializing in family and children photography one could meet newborns on almost daily basis. But… Having your own child born is arguably always an extraordinary event! And so I do understand all the parents wanting to get their newborns photographed. Because believe it or not you have only about 10 days for that. It is that short!

Portrait of a Newborn boy in a basket on white fur

portrait  of a newborn boy sleeping with hands on his cute cheeksnewborn boy on white fur throw, cloud dreams

Dreaming of flight

Boy running on a beach with a towel like wings, pretending he is flying

Take off

Boy running along water with a blue towel as air-plane wings

Flying over the beach

It was a windy day on Fire Island and you would want to fly against that wind, I’m quite sure. It was real fun! I clearly remembered myself being a boy and doing the same :) Unfortunately I didn’t have ocean around.

Photographing a family for Christmas card

I’m always proud when clients come to me again year after year, because it proves I’m doing good :) I’m delivering the images and I’m making them happy!

This was another such family: I photographed them last autumn when Robi  couldn’t even stand yet on his own. And now we had another photo session in Central Park for their Christmas cards. The astonishing fall foliage of late October in NYC makes it perfect  background for such images.

Family portrait at a park with a fall faoliage

It's all about love and happiness

Robi is now quite running and know what he wants and what he doesn’t like too :)

We had actually to do 2 days of photography to get enough images.

Photo session in a park for family album

Family portrait: It's good to be together

Outdoor portrait of a family with 2 years old boy

Beautiful day in a park makes it perfect for family portraiture

Portrait of family of 3 together

Happy family moments that we want to remember

Family portraiture in Saudek’s colors

It was a family portrait session in out local beautiful Juniper Valley Park in the beginning of November. I was caught by autumn colors and remembered my old favorite photo book by great Czech photographer Jan Saudek. He used there a technique by hand painting his B&W photographs in such a vibrant and rich, saturated colors. The book was titled “LOVE’.

So this particular picture reminds me of that book every time I look at it.

Family portraiture in a park in the evening

Family portrait photo session in a park

Photo session of an extended family in Central Park

It’s always a challenge to photograph groups of people, especially when a few kids involved :) But in this case I was lucky to have this great family, so easy to photograph!Big family posing in Central Park over Woolman Rink

Portrait of extended family on a terrace overlooking Woolman Ice Skating Rink in Central Park

We definitely had great time together walking and playing along most scenic spots of Central Park on that gorgeous autumn day.

Family with kids sitting on a bench in a park on a sunny autumn day

Love and happiness

It’s getting to be that time of year again

It’s getting to be that time of year again – that’s how Allison started her email asking when we can do another photosession with her family. I’m honored – it’s the 3rd year in a row I photograph this lovely family! I feel like I’m part of it, at least for those 2 hours we spend together 😉 And then I look through the images choosing the best for them and for my portfolio and recall how great they are.

First time we did a session when Alex was about 10 months yet and now he is almost 3 years old.  They have relocated from Bronxville NY to New Jersey last year and they also got a new member of the family – furry Chelsea :) very playful and funny.

So we started to shoot around their new home in the backyard and then moved inside:

Portrait of a small boy sitting on a red chair and playing with soap bubbles in a backyard

Alex enjoying soap bubbles in the backyard

Family outdoor life-style photography - mother and father with their small son playing in the backyard

Having fun, jumping and wrestling

Family portraiture posing sitting photography on-location session

Great new house, great happy family

Father and mother playing toys with their small son

Toy story forever :)

After that we drove to nearest park to get beautiful autumn colors in the pictures and to have fun in general :)

Photo portrait of a family walking in the park through an alley during a fall autumn sunny day

It's all about love

I admire Allison and James – they seem to me one of the greatest couple parents I knew :) – they are always caring of the family. And it is really easy to photograph them because there is no need for posing – I just observe and capture their happiness and love.

Portrait of parents playing with their son in park trees

Having fun in the park

Portrait photograph of parents holding their kid on hands together

I see you - he loves to play hide and seek

Young mother holding her small boy on hands

Getting tired :)

Father holds his son in hands, happy smiling family

They are so happy together!

Children ballet headshots

That was extremely funny and easygoing photosession once.  It happened during rehearsals at Russian Brighton Ballet School in Brooklyn. I simply fixed paper seamless backdrop to a wall and set a couple of strobes, one in a softbox and another one shooting through white umbrella.

Girls were doing the rest of my job, except pressing the button maybe :) But at some moment I found them photographing each other with point and shoot cameras on my backdrop, they were definitely having fun.

Portrait of a girl in a costume on white background in studio

Isn't she bright? Posing in a studio-like setup.

Girl ballet dancer posing at Russian Brighton Ballet School

Excellent model! She knew perfectly how and what to do in front of camera.

Princess’s family photo session in Central Park

Another family photography session in Central Park on lovely summer day with a beautiful princess Aidan and her parents Melissa and Rob.

Need to admit she was extremely shy and we had difficulties to get her in front of camera :) But we played and did let her play her game 😉

As the result I believe we got plenty of catching  images of this great family.

Portrait of redhead girl running trough flowers

Joy of running fast

Photograph of father holding his daughter in hands

Little girl laughing

Portraiture with great scenery in the background

Mother hugging her daughter

It's all about love

Portrait of lovely modern family

Great family moment

Redhead beautiful little girl running down the hill on the meadow

Faster than wind

Portrait photograph of a funny redhead girl sitting on rocks

What a beauty!

Autumn joy

I photographed again a lovely family of Alex, Allison and James. It’s always great to know that your clients trust you, believe in you and ask you to save their memories in photographs once more.

Family portrait photography of Alex, Allison and James

Family portrait photography of Alex, Allison and James

Portrait of a boy with his parents holding his hands walking together

Portrait of a boy with his parents holding his hands walking together

Boy's portrait photograph in a nice autumn day

Boy’s portrait photograph on a nice autumn day

Photograph of a boy curiosly looking at the camera

Photograph of a boy curiously looking at the camera

Mom and son talk

Mom and son talk

Black and white version

Black and white version

Photograph of a boy playing ball with his family

Photograph of a boy playing ball with his family

Portrait of a family posing for photographer

Portrait of a family posing for photographer

Sunny autumn day in Central Park

photograph of a boy sitting in a park on a sunny autumn day

photograph of a boy sitting in a park on a sunny autumn day

blcak and white portrait of a mothe holding her small son

blcak and white portrait of a mothe holding her small son

family portrait photograph in a park environment

family portrait photograph in a park environment

portraiture photography of a mother and a son

portraiture photography of a mother and a son


Regular portrait photo session with a real princess – what could be better? Laura was just great at posing and super patient! Thank you Laura :)

Portrait of the Princess Cinderella

Portrait of the Princess Cinderella

Portrait of a girl in Central PArk

Portrait of a girl in Central PArk

Portrait of a smiling girl

Portrait of a smiling girl

Photograph of a girl running

Photograph of a girl running

Photograph of a girl wearing princess dress

Photograph of a girl wearing princess dress

Happy Birthday Andrew!

I have an honor to photograph birthday party of a great young man by name Andrew.  I admire his love to animals :)

Portrait of a great future zoologist? :)

Portrait of a great future zoologist? :)

Family portrait

Family portrait

Straight forward

Life is easy and light

It's all about love

It's all about love

Hey ride!

Hey ride!

Yes, I'm 2 already !

Yes, I'm 2 already !

‘Behind the Curtain’ series in the upcoming book of

Young ballerina awaiting to enter the stage

Young ballerina awaiting to enter the stage

Here is a great news for me: a couple of my photographs from my series ‘Behind the Curtain’ were selected for the first upcoming book of

I’ll update on the status of the project of course.

Here are the info and photographs from the series:

These images are part of the ‘Behind the Curtain’ series about Brighton Ballet Theater School of Russian Ballet.
Ballet is a fairy tale told in dances and music. Every concert shines and fills spectators with excitement and parents with pride. Kids dream and wait for each performance impatiently. And moreover they work extremely, unbelievably hard to get onto stage.
Mainly this series is about the spirit, self-discipline and  power of dreams that help kids to go to the goal through all mistakes, physical pain and bitter of failures.

Easiness of Flight



Happy Snowflake

Small Ballerinas

Teacher and students

Dance passion



It's really tough...

Ballet classes

Mother and daughter

Makeup before a performance

Cellphone call

Ballerina's way to talk over the phone


They are still just kids

They are still just kids

Young ballerina stretching, waiting to go on stage

Young ballerina stretching, waiting to go on stage

Exercizing before main rehearsal

Exercising before main rehearsal

Walking Gantry Park in the morning

Another family portraiture on-location photography session with great family of Noah, Sean, Ariane, Barry and David.

Gantry Park in Long Island City with the great view to Manhattan. They expanded park greatly and put a lot of cool things there. I just love this place even more!

Retro morning

Photograph of young mom and her son


Boy running on a boardwalk in Gantry PArk of Long Island City, NYC

family portraiture session in the Gantry Park, Long Island City, New York

family portraiture photography session in the Gantry Park, Long Island City, New York

Ariane and baby girl

Photograph of young soon-to-be-mom woman, Gantry Park, Long Island City, NYC

Funny face

It was just a test of new Canon EOS 50D test with a direct in-camera flash.

Pretty cool for direct burning light. My son survived it too :)

Portrait photograph of a boy

Portrait photograph of a boy

Few features I love most about this camera:

– pretty good ISO, very good for photojournalism (I was suffering badly while photographed ballet backstage with my Canon 5D – can’t use more than 1200ISO for color);

– it’s quite fast – 6 fps gives much more freedom photographing in fast-pacing conditions like street-life or live performance photography (maybe not enough for sport photography though);

– in-camera sensor-cleaning! I hate my 5D because I can’t clean it’s sensor enough to shoot over f18 – there are more visible dust on it than details of picture :(

Overall it feels much faster than old 5D. But I’ll continue to use old guy until I grab one of Canon 5D Mark II because I need full-frame very often. And I can’t complain about quality of pictures from it in most cases.

School football

Just another day in Juniper Valley Park in Queens, New York City.

Park is pretty huge and it was crowded to its limits.  As a foreigner I still can’t understand Americans’ love to the football 😉 For me the soccer is much more  cooler. Just kidding, but…

What I’m really concerned of is the traumatism in the football. I saw another day as a  kid was hurt badly during a training session and got to emergency…

School football

Photograph of a school football team practice