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Nursery room in Connecticut mansion

It was a relatively small assignment with my long-time and dear client – interior designer Anjali Pollack. She was revisiting one of her projects in Connecticut where she had done this charming nursery and bathroom.

Unfortunately for me the weather wasn’t kind to me and it was drizzling and ruined all my plans to take exterior photographs of this great mansion as well. No luck, and moreover the foliage was almost gone anyway(despite we had plenty here in NYC yet).

Well I got this¬†beautifully¬†designed and styled baby’s room :)

Photography of interior of nursery room in luxury and rich big mansion in Connecticut

Nursery room

And attached there is this sweet bathroom

Kids bathroom Interior design photography

Kids bathroom


2 Responses to “Nursery room in Connecticut mansion”

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  2. Pravin says:

    chantelle – I love these photos! the way they are alwyas smiling the green and purple colors the tone on tone harlequin print that chaise and of course the way you turn everything into a magical moment and the way he looks at her!!! Great job Lisa they are gorgeous to look at

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