Professional and creative portrait photography in New York City.

Reflections through the lens

It's all about life and love

Funny face

It was just a test of new Canon EOS 50D test with a direct in-camera flash.

Pretty cool for direct burning light. My son survived it too :)

Portrait photograph of a boy

Portrait photograph of a boy

Few features I love most about this camera:

– pretty good ISO, very good for photojournalism (I was suffering badly while photographed ballet backstage with my Canon 5D – can’t use more than 1200ISO for color);

– it’s quite fast – 6 fps gives much more freedom photographing in fast-pacing conditions like street-life or live performance photography (maybe not enough for sport photography though);

– in-camera sensor-cleaning! I hate my 5D because I can’t clean it’s sensor enough to shoot over f18 – there are more visible dust on it than details of picture :(

Overall it feels much faster than old 5D. But I’ll continue to use old guy until I grab one of Canon 5D Mark II because I need full-frame very often. And I can’t complain about quality of pictures from it in most cases.

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