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Here I was kind of a second photographer working with great photographer Jackie Weisberg – we were photographing promos for trash band IMPOSTOR SYNDROME – cool name isn’t it? :)


Promo photograph of a music band


Impostor Syndrome are:

Kristen Persinos – Vocals and Guitar
Josh Weisberg – Lead Guitar
Daniel Maitland Smith – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Kevin Lacy – Drums, Heineken and Backing Vocals

School football

Just another day in Juniper Valley Park in Queens, New York City.

Park is pretty huge and it was crowded to its limits.  As a foreigner I still can’t understand Americans’ love to the football 😉 For me the soccer is much more  cooler. Just kidding, but…

What I’m really concerned of is the traumatism in the football. I saw another day as a  kid was hurt badly during a training session and got to emergency…

School football

Photograph of a school football team practice